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STTAS Brexit Expertise

Through their ‘Get ready for Brexit’ campaign, the UK government is advertising aggressively promoting information and full guidance to understanding how Brexit may affect your business.

72,000 UK companies have registered for an EORI number, these companies will be allowed to continue trading with customers and suppliers in the EU. HMRC auto-enrolment scheme registered 88,000 additional businesses.

Is your business ready? At STTAS Europe, we are.

We have been applying for EORI registrations, in the UK and around the EU on behalf of local and international companies. Did you know that in Poland for example, the application is electronic, but will take you up to 20 days and comprises a representation fee?

In Luxembourg, it is a free application, the documentation should be submitted via email and the whole process shouldn’t take more than 2 days.

France’s process is also supported online, and your FR EORI number will be active within 24 hours of its delivery. The complete process will not take more than 48 h during the working week.

Here are 6 steps, businesses in the UK can follow to be ready, exporting from the UK:

  1. Make sure your business has an EORI number that starts with GB. Your importer will need an EU EORI number. You’ll also need to get an EU EORI number if you’re exporting to your own business within the EU. You can get one from the customs authority in any given EU27 country.
  2. You can mandate someone to deal with customs export declarations for you, or do it yourself using once again the appropriate software and registrations deciding if you want to export your goods using transit the Common Transit Convention to simplify how your goods pass through customs and when your importer pays customs duties.
  3. Your importer will need to pay taxes and duty on your goods after Brexit. This will depend on the classification of the goods.
  4. Depending on the type of good you export, check for licences, Export rules on goods subject to excise duty or controlled goods, labelling measures and other Inspections requirements.
  5. Review VAT changes in and outside the UK.
  6. Select a trusted company to safely and securely transport your goods outside the UK.

Economic operators should apply for an EORI number before they start their export or import operations.

In the registration process economic operators must observe the national rules of the Member State where they are established.

Our advisory team also supports your applications for licences, Import and Export permits, Customs special procedures or special programs etc.

Our team of experienced experts can review and take care of your operational and regulatory requirements, check regulations for the countries your business will operate in and offer their language skills when appropriate.

For any additional Brexit support, do not hesitate to contact our advisory team: sttas-eu-adv@sttas.com.

Salima Gasmi