Import HS Code Classification Service

You send us your product details and we send you import classifications in a week or less.

How it works

  1. You upload the product detail template for your products you want classified
  2. Our team of professional classifiers assign import HS codes for import and document substantiation for the classification
  3. We email you up to 100 completed classifications within 5 business days

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Pricing (most products)

Number of Items Cost per Item (USD $) Per Additional Country (USD $)
25-40 40 5
41 – 75 35 5
76 – 100 30 5
100 – 500 25 5
500+ Contact us

Minimum engagement of 25 or more items. Standard lead time is 5 business days for up to 100 classifications. Some products are more complicated (such chemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and circuit boards) and may require additional time and expense.

Classification geeks you can count on.

The STTAS classification is centered on a robust Classification proprietary systems and a staff of over two hundred classifiers. We provide a high degree of consistency and accuracy to each product’s HS code classification.

From the individual classifying analysts to the senior technical advisory staff, our team continuously educates one another as we draw on best practices, an extensive database of prior classifications, and continuous training.

Popular geographies for import HS code classifications we provide

Australia Hong Kong Poland Thailand
Austria India Russia Turkey
Belgium Indonesia Singapore United Arab Emirates
Brazil Italy South Korea United Kingdom
Canada Japan Spain United States
China Malaysia Sweden Vietnam
France Mexico Switzerland
Germany Netherlands Taiwan

Many additional countries also available.

Our classifications are provided by a trained professional classifiers who perform factual research on your product to help determine the form, fit and function. The classifiers also perform research for import classifications using the General Rules of Interpretation, Section and Chapter Notes, Explanatory Notes and administrative rulings issued by the relevant government authorities. All this equates to a robust audit trail for the classification so that you can feel confident about your classifications.

Classifications are never perfect, but the audit trail we provide helps show due diligence to Customs agencies if your classifications are ever challenged. Just as important – you can feel secure in knowing you mitigating the potential for over- or under-paying duty from incorrect classifications.

All services, including classification, that STTAS, a UPS Company, provides are subject to the Terms and Conditions available at . We’ll also need a signed Power of Attorney to perform classification of your products on your behalf. We’ll send the forms via email once you submit the classification request order above.