Export Compliance Services

World-class export compliance is within reach.

Export and sanctions compliance can be difficult with all of the varying complexities involved in exporting and reexporting products as well as transferring or allowing access to technology physically, visually, verbally, or electronically. Instead of hiring non-technical staff to just ‘make it happen’, you can engage our export and sanctions compliance experts to support one-off questions, handle a specific short-term project, or create an all-encompassing long-term plan. It is a nearly impossible task to do it yourself, but you can leverage our help because global trade is all that we do and all that we have done for over 25 years.



Commodity Jurisdiction Services

Our team takes pride in identifying the appropriate U.S. government agency that holds jurisdictional control over the export/re-export of hardware, software, technology, and services (‘products’). This includes internal commodity jurisdiction (CJ) determination reviews and, when necessary, preparing CJ determination requests for submission to Directorate of Defense Trade Control (DDTC), U.S. Department of State.

Classification Services

With export classification determinations (under the U.S. and non-U.S. export control lists), our dedicated team is ready to handle the classification of hardware, software, and technology/technical data.  Our classification work includes preparation and submission of commodity classification (CCATS) requests; small to large-scale outsourced classification efforts (ongoing and long-term); and design and/or provision of automated classification management solution(s) that store classification determinations, licensing requirements, supporting documentation and audit trails supporting the determinations.

Licensing Determination, Exception, and Exemption Services

Licensing requirements for exports or re-exports cab be tricky. Our work on your behalf can include the following:

– determining the applicability of licensing requirements, including license exceptions or exemptions as well as considerations of factors specific to the Export Administration’s (EAR) Military End-user/End-Use rule.

– preparing and submitting license or agreement applications


We can help with both U.S. and non-U.S. government agencies.

Deemed Exports & Technical Data Transfers

Export compliance includes identifying and establishing adequate safeguards (e.g., Technology Control Plans) to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of controlled technology/technical data to non-U.S. nationals. Our services also include assistance with conducting technology reviews (i.e., classification of subject technology in our clients’ environment), the onboarding of non-U.S. person employees, and assisting with deemed export license applications. 

Additional Services

Compliance Audits/Assessments

Review and analysis of clients’ export compliance policies and procedures to identify and address compliance gaps and corresponding risks. Entails a comprehensive review of clients’ export compliance program, including analyzing processes and procedures for compliance with the requisite regulations and recommend solutions tailored to STTAS’ clients’ needs.

Onsite Training and Webinars

Our support includes creating and/or providing customized training, ranging from the introductory-level (aimed at building a foundational knowledge of export controls) to presentations aimed at executives, user-specific training based on specific roles within an organization, and topic-specific courses like classification determinations, licensing, and cryptography rules.


Creating internal processes to ensure that all export/reexport activities and transactions are screened as it relates to the restricted parties lists (RPLs), ownership (i.e., Office of Foreign Assets Control’s (OFAC) 50% rule), embargoed/sanctioned countries, ‘red flag’/diversion-risk, end-use, and antiboycott.

General Export Compliance Consulting

We offer U.S. and global export compliance consulting services on an ad-hoc basis or through a retainer that will specify a certain number of hours per month. Our services include access to STTAS’ experienced export and sanctions compliance professionals and automated systems.

Many companies claim to be experts in export compliance but we have a proven track record. The value you get from improved peace of mind and reduced red tape make our services worth every penny.