Duty Drawback

How often does the government pay you?
Most of the time, importing involves paying governments to get your products into the country. With Duty Drawback, the tables are turned. The U.S. government actually refunds duties, fees and taxes on goods that are imported and subsequently exported from the U.S. It can be a significant source of cash and it’s an opportunity for your bottom line that deserves your attention.

The bad news and the good news about duty drawback.

Like most interactions with government agencies, duty drawback in the U.S. isn’t easy. It requires extensive paperwork and patience, especially while U.S. customs works on implementing new legislation. The good news is that you don’t have to do it yourself. Our expert teams can do the work for you quickly and accurately. Even better news: In many cases, you don’t pay us until you get your money back from the government.


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Making the most of change.

The U.S. government recently changed its rules about duty drawback, which includes a new five-year deadline and different rules for what qualifies for drawback. To many companies, the changes may be confusing. But with our team on your side, you can be informed and ahead of your competition.

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