Consulting Services

The trade consulting horsepower you need, when you need it.
You don’t need to add staff or invest in training to manage global trade compliance. Instead, you can engage our trade professionals to handle a specific short-term project or create an all-encompassing long-term plan. It’s a nearly impossible task to do it yourself, but you can leverage our help because global trade is all we do. STTAS professionals focus exclusively on the minutia of moving goods from one country to another. So you can focus on the bigger picture of growing your business.

The best minds.

We attract the best talent in global trade, including former customs and revenue department officials from almost every region of the world, as well as seasoned trade professionals from the major industries we serve. Our 950 international trade professionals stationed throughout Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America and Latin America provide worldwide consulting and managed services, as well as global compliance reviews and training to companies of all sizes.

The best service.

As part of the STTAS family, you’ll have direct access to senior leadership who respond in a timely manner. Sure, we build plans that can address every aspect of your global trade operations. But more importantly, we build relationships. We get to know your business, your challenges and your people.

Lots of companies say they do trade consulting, but it’s often a side-show to their main focus. Your success in trade compliance is everything to us. The value you can get from reduced costs and hassles make our services worth every penny.

Export Compliance Consulting

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