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Procedures to import products of animal origin simplified
The remote procedures platform allows applications to import such goods to be submitted electronically, facilitating the presentation of required documentation in a non-contact manner.
[Marco Trade]

Tax agreement to be negotiated with Japan
The first round of talks on the agreement, which will seek to avoid double taxation and prevent tax evasion, began this week in Tokyo.
[Prensa Latina]

China opens market to more Argentinean meat
The two sides recently agreed on protocols establishing the sanitary requirements for shipments of chilled and frozen beef, with and without bone, and sheep and goat meat from Patagonia.
[Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto]

Shipments in special customs areas to be exempt from electronic customs monitoring seal
[Boletin Oficial]

Modified list of goods subject to non-automatic import licensing
[Boletin Oficial]

Three-year import quota established for electric buses
[Boletin Oficial]


Fractionated honey imports from Argentina allowed to resume


Talks begin on modernizing association agreement with EU
Chilean officials said after 15 years the agreement needs to be updated by adding issues such as energy, gender, environment, small and medium-sized enterprises, services, and investment.