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Reference value system for exports rescinded
Exports will go through the appropriate risk management channels and the value of higher-risk transactions may be scrutinized more closely through a red channel analysis.
Resolution 4161/2017

Low-volume agricultural exports exempted from sworn declaration requirements
The change is part of a broader effort to simplify export operations.
Resolution 364/2017

Imports of malathion for therapeutic use banned
Argentina has banned the importation, sale, and use of malathion as a therapeutic agent for the control of human diseases. Widely employed in agriculture, malathion is also used in the treatment of head and body lice.
Resolution 2158/2017

AD actions on rubber balloons, fans
– new antidumping duty order on Chinese rubber balloons of any size, form, and color, whether or not printed, classified under NCM 9503.00.99 and 9505.90.00 (AD duty rate 97 percent)
Resolution 670/2017
– determination that imports of fans classified under NCM 8414.51.10 and 8414.51.90 that are exported by Century Advance Technology SDN BHD and declared as originating from Malaysia are circumventing the AD duty order on fans from China
Resolution 897/2017

Emissions and fuel consumption information required for vehicles
The requirement will apply to all importers and manufacturers of light automotive vehicles until Jan. 15, 2018.
[Boletin Oficial]


ATA carnet regime for temporary importations expanded
Brazil will now accept carnets issued by entities affiliated with the International Chamber of Commerce World Chambers Federation (ICC-WCF ATA). As a result, effective Nov. 23 carnets issued by such countries as the U.S., Canada, and Japan, which are signatories of the 1961 ATA Convention, will be accepted by the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service (Receita Federal).
Brazilian Federal Revenue Service

Customs clearance rules modified
A new import declaration registration will apply to goods imported by sea by authorized economic operators, thereby reducing the amount of time required to clear maritime cargo as import declarations may now be registered prior to the cargo’s arrival. Separately, a new mechanism will allow importers to modify an existing import declaration in the Integrated Foreign Trade System (Siscomex) without the need to initiate a formal administrative process.
Brazilian Federal Revenue Service
Brazilian Federal Revenue Service


Negotiations begin on modernizing association agreement with EU
The updated agreement will include issues such as trade and sustainable development, support for small and medium-sized enterprises, anti-corruption measures, and trade and gender.
[El Periodico]

Restrictions on antibacterial agents in rinse-off cosmetics delayed until Oct. 12, 2018
Importers and domestic producers must exhaust their stocks of non-compliant goods by that date.
Exempt Resolution 5052/2017

New tariff breakouts established
Chile has established new eight-digit tariff breakouts for goods classified under subheadings 0307.29, 0307.42, 0307.71, 2914.79, 2926.90, 8702.40, and 8703.80. Additionally, various tariff breakouts have been eliminated or modified and certain other changes have been made to the tariff schedule.
Exempt Decree 334/2017

New AD duty order on Chinese steel bars for mill balls
The order covers conventional mill balls for grinding with a diameter of less than 3.5 inches classified under HTSCL 7228.30.00 from China (AD duties from 8.2 percent to 22.9 percent) and excludes new generation steel bars for mill balls with a carbon content higher than one percent.
Decree 420/2017

MOU on digital certificates of origin signed with Brazil
[Marco Trade]


Tariff preferences with Cuba expanded
A new protocol broadens and deepens preferences first granted in 2000 and adds provisions on rules of origin, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, technical barriers to trade, customs facilitation, and dispute resolution.
[Prensa Latina]

Preliminary AD determination on Chinese iron and steel profiles
A minimum FOB price of US$473.28 per ton has been provisionally established in the ongoing AD investigation of Chinese iron and steel profiles, whether or not alloyed, in L and U sections, hot-rolled or extruded, classified under HTSCO 7216.21.0000, 7216.10.0000, and 7228.70.0000.
Resolution 200/2017


Additional five percent duty on imports of 400 goods under consideration
The foreign ministry has not yet indicated which products will be covered, although raw materials and capital goods are expected to be excluded.
[El Comercio]


Eighth round of negotiations on expansion of ACE 53 agreement with Brazil
Chapters on regulatory coherence and trade facilitation were completed and progress was made on market access, rules of origin, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, technical barriers to trade, dispute resolution, and government procurement.
[El Economista]

AD actions on amoxicillin trihydrate, flat-rolled steel products
– new sunset review of AD duty order on amoxicillin trihydrate classified under HTSMX 2941.10.12 from India (current AD duty rate of 64.9 percent)
Resolution issued Nov. 24
– change from 22.22 percent to US$0.1874/kg the AD duty on imports of Chinese flat-rolled corrosion-resistant steel products exported by Baoshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd.
Resolution issued Nov. 21


New mahogany export quota 
The quota allows 222 trees with a total volume of 948,629 cubic meters of sawn timber to be exported no later than Nov. 24, 2018.
Executive Direction Resolution Nº 289-2017-SERFOR-DE

New import requirements for bovines, seeds
Imports of bovines for breeding activities, fattening, expositions, or fairs from Bolivia, as well as Zantedeschia seeds from Chile, must be accompanied by an official sanitary or phytosanitary certificate issued by the relevant authorities in the country of origin and comply with certain other requirements.