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Authorized economic operator program implemented
Eligible parties may join the program to import goods from countries with whom Argentina has a mutual recognition agreement, import goods for further processing in Argentina from countries with whom Argentina does not have an MRA, carry out import operations under the domiciliary customs regime, and perform any export operations. Applicants must have a net worth no lower than US$1 million or provide a guarantee no lower than US$100,000.
[General Resolution 4150/2017]

Exports of iron and steel waste and scrap suspended for 360 days
The suspension applies to products classified under NCM 7204.10.00, 7204.21.00, 7204.29.00, 7204.30.00, 7204.41.00, 7204.49.00, 7204.50.00, 7404.00.00, and 7602.00.00 (only certain products) and is aimed at preserving a steady supply of raw materials for domestic manufacturers.
[Decree 848/2017]

AD probes of chemicals move forward

– final phase of antidumping duty investigations of phthalic anhydride classified under NCM 2917.35.00 from Mexico and South Korea and di-2-ethylhexyl orthophthalate (DOP) classified under NCM 2917.32.00 from Chile and South Korea (no provisional AD measures imposed)
[Resolution 805/2017]

Export refunds for specified goods revised through July 31, 2018
[Boletin Oficial]

New form for certificate of import of goods used in hydrocarbon industry
[Boletin Oficial]


Comment period on new import process extended to Nov. 7
The proposed import process within the framework of the electronic single window for trade operations aims to establish procedures that increase the efficiency and speed of imports while ensuring that import operations are monitored effectively.

Preferential duty treatment for amusement park equipment under consideration
The proposed treatment, which would be provided by designating this equipment as capital goods, would reportedly generate R$1.9 billion worth of investment and lead to the creation of some 56,000 jobs in this sector within the next five years.
[Government of Brazil]


FTA with Indonesia could be concluded by year end
The fifth round of talks on a bilateral free trade agreement was held recently and included technical discussions on trade in goods and cooperation. The next round is planned for Nov. 6-10 in Jakarta.
[General Directorate for International Economic Relations]


AD actions on fabric, steel profiles 

– deadline for preliminary AD duty determination on iron and steel profiles classified under HTSCO 7216.21.0000, 7216.10.0000, and 7228.70.0000 from China extended until Nov. 17
[Resolution 179/2017]

– deadline for preliminary AD duty determination on cotton woven denim fabrics and certain other cotton woven fabrics classified under HTSCO 5209.42.0000, 5209.49.0000, 5211.42.0000, and 5211.49.0000 from China extended until Nov. 23
[Resolution 180/2017]


Single window for importers and exporters goes live Nov. 6
[El Ciudadano]


Mandatory energy efficiency standards for external power supplies
Slated to enter into force April 25, 2018, the new regulation sets minimum energy efficiency standards for external power supplies in on-mode, maximum power limits for external power supplies in no-load or vacuum mode, and test methods and conformity assessment and marking requirements. It covers external power supplies that convert alternating current voltage to a single level of fixed continuous current voltage with a maximum output power of 250 watts or less.

Requirements for alcoholic beverages amended
The Mexican government has established new physiochemical specifications, test methods, and commercial information requirements for domestically produced and imported alcoholic beverages. Among other things, Mexico has adopted maximum lead and arsenic content limits of 0.5 milligrams per liter. Fermented alcoholic beverages will be required to have an alcohol content between 2.0 and 20.0 percent and a maximum methanol content of 300.0 mg per 100 milliliters of anhydrous alcohol. The new requirements will enter into force Dec. 29, except for certain commercial information provisions which will be effective Dec. 29, 2019.


AD actions on footwear, poplin fabric

– five-year renewal of AD measures on footwear (except sandals and flip flops) with uppers of rubber, plastics, or natural leather, classified under HTSPE 6402.19.0000, 6402.20.0000, 6402.91.0000, 6402.99.9000, 6403.91.9000, 6405.10.0000, and 6403.99.9000, and rescission of AD measures on Chinese footwear with uppers of other materials (except textile materials)
[Resolution No. 209-2017/CDB-INDECOPI]

– tribunal affirmation of regulation renewing for five years the AD duty order on polyester/cotton poplin fabric of a weight between 50 and 250 grams per square meter and a width of at least 2.20 meters from Pakistan, which provides for an AD duty of US$0.67 per kilogram
[Resolution No. 445-2017/SDC-INDECOPI]

New sanitary or phytosanitary import requirements
The requirements apply to (1) equines for breeding, labor, competition, sport, or fairs from France, (2) poultry-based flours for animal consumption from Italy, (3) in vitro teak plants from Brazil, and (4) paulownia seeds, cuttings, and root cuttings from Bulgaria. Imports of these goods must be accompanied by an official sanitary or phytosanitary certificate issued by the relevant authorities in the country of origin and comply with certain other requirements.
[R.D. Nº 0025-2017-MINAGRI-SENASA-DSA]
[R.D. Nº 0026-2017-MINAGRI-SENASA-DSA]
[R.D. Nº 0034-2017-MINAGRI-SENASA-DSV]
[R.D. Nº 0035-2017-MINAGRI-SENASA-DSV]
[R.D. Nº 0037-2017-MINAGRI-SENASA-DSV]


Pacific Alliance holds first round of FTA talks with four countries
During the talks with Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Singapore officials discussed the text of the Pacific Alliance commercial protocol, which will serve as the basis for the negotiations, and 23 working groups began to make headway in a range of areas.
[Colombia Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Tourism]