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AD probe on switches from Italy under way

The investigation covers switches for a voltage greater than or equal to 17.5 kV but less than or equal to 245 kV and with a rated current less than or equal to 4,000 A.
[Resolution 346/2018]


Conformity assessment requirements for suspended, modified
INMETRO has suspended, at least for the time being, the entry into force of the conformity assessment requirements of Directive 123/2014 for aftermarket automotive components for motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, trikes, and quads. INMETRO has also modified in various ways the conformity assessment requirements for surgical and non-surgical gloves of natural rubber, synthetic rubber, and synthetic rubber blends.
[INMETRO Directive 194/2018]
[INMETRO Directive 215/2018]

AD actions on steel pipe, grinding bodies, PET film, bricks
– new Brazil AD duty orders on welded austenitic stainless steel pipe from Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, with AD duties of US$367.56/ton or US$740.02/ton for Malaysia, US$747.56/ton for Thailand, and US$782.11/ton, US$806.14/ton, or US$888.27/ton for Vietnam for five years
[CAMEX Resolution 39/2018]
– new AD duty order on grinding bodies for milling applications of cast iron or chromium-bonded steel from India, with AD duties of 9.8 percent or 37.8 percent for five years
[CAMEX Resolution 40/2018]
– preliminary affirmative dumping and injury determinations on PET film from Bahrain and Peru
[SECEX Circular 25/2018]
– suspension of AD duty order on magnesia refractory bricks from China for one year, with possible one-year renewal
[CAMEX Resolution 41/2018]


Ratification of trade deals with Argentina, China, Indonesia moves forward
The Chilean Chamber of Deputies Foreign Relations Committee recently approved the free trade agreement that Chile has negotiated with Argentina and Indonesia as well as the agreement to modernize the current FTA with China. The deals will next be considered by the Finance Committee and, if reported favorably, by the full Chamber of Deputies.

Temporary duty reductions on certain wheat and wheat flour extended
From June 16 through Aug. 15 wheat importers may temporarily deduct US$95.93 per ton from the total duty owed on these goods (calculated using the regular six percent duty rate), while wheat flour importers may deduct US$149.65 per ton.
[Exempt Decree 172/2018]


Colombia diversifying exports away from petroleum sector
The country has opened more markets for its agricultural products, including bananas and pineapple in Argentina, processed meat in China, and rice to Canada.
[El Colombiano]

Duty-free treatment for fertilizers and pesticides
In an effort to enhance the competitiveness of Colombian farmers, the government has granted duty-free treatment to fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals for the agricultural sector classified under 12 separate tariff lines.
[Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Tourism]

Controls on mercury imports modified
The Colombian government recently increased from two to five tons the annual import quota on mercury classified under HTSCO 2805.40.0000 that is imported for non-mining activities from July 16, 2018, through July 15, 2020. Additionally, mercury imports for industrial and production activities will be prohibited from July 16, 2020, with the exception of imports for  health-related activities, which will be subject to quota (ranging from 3.5 tons to 2.5 tons per year) through July 14, 2023.
[Decree 1041/2018]

New import requirements for in vitro reagents
Colombia has established new import requirements for in vitro reagents for diagnostic, analytical, research, and general laboratory use, including provisions for issuing automatic sanitary registrations as well as registration renewals and modifications, responsibilities attributable to the producer and importer, and oversight requirements.
[Decree 1036/2018]

AD actions on bus and truck tires, plasticizer, citric acid, steel wire and cables, steel tube
– June 12 expiration of AD duty order on new pneumatic tires of a kind used on buses or trucks from China
[Resolution 136/2018]
– renewal of AD duty orders on DOP plasticizer from Mexico and South Korea, with minimum FOB import prices of US$1.96/kg for Mexico and US$1.44/kg for South Korea
[Resolution 137/2018]
– final phase of AD duty investigation of citric acid from China with no provisional measures
[Resolution 141/2018]
– extension for three months of 15 percent AD duty provisionally established in ongoing AD investigation of galvanized steel stranded wire, pre-stressed concrete steel stranded wire, and steel cables from China
[Resolution 143/2018]
– extension until July 27 of deadline for preliminary AD determination on welded carbon steel tube from China
[Resolution 142/2018]


New standards under consideration for luminaries, fire extinguishers, water meters
Mexico is proposing new mandatory standards for imported and domestically-produced (1) luminaires for indoor and outdoor use, (2) fire extinguishers, and (3) meters for hot and cold drinking water. Interested parties may submit comments by Aug. 12, Aug. 13, and Aug. 14, respectively.


New import requirements for passion fruit seeds, blueberry plants, meerkats
Peru has established new sanitary or phytosanitary requirements for passion fruit seeds from Brazil, in vitro blueberry plants from Mexico, and meerkats from Ecuador. Imports must be accompanied by an official sanitary or phytosanitary certificate issued by the relevant authorities and comply with certain other requirements.
[R.D. Nº 0009-2018-MINAGRI-SENASA-DSV]
[R.D. Nº 0010-2018-MINAGRI-SENASA-DSV]
[R.D. Nº 0020-2018-MINAGRI-SENASA-DSA]


Uruguay to prioritize China FTA during Mercosur presidency
Only nine percent of Mercosur goods exported to China are free of tariffs, and Beijing has already signed FTAs with Mercosur competitors such as Chile, Costa Rica, and New Zealand.
[El Observador]