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New criterion values for various products
Argentina recently established new criterion values for central heating radiators, motorcycle helmets, ball bearings, new pneumatic rubber tires, polyester staple fiber yarn mixed with cotton, wooden hangers, rattan seats, metal shelves, prepared or preserved tomatoes, and radiobroadcast receivers of a kind used in motor vehicles combined with sound recording or reproducing apparatus. On the other hand, the criterion values in place for certain mechanical gearboxes, handbags, portable CD players, and matches have been rescinded. Imports with a declared value lower than the relevant criterion value require payment of a guarantee equivalent to the difference in duties to be paid on the declared value and the criterion value.
[General Resolution 4374/2018]
[General Resolution 4375/2018]
[General Resolution 4376/2018]
[General Resolution 4378/2018]
[General Resolution 4379/2018]
[General Resolution 4380/2018]
[General Resolution 4381/2018]
[General Resolution 4382/2018]
[General Resolution 4383/2018]
[General Resolution 4384/2018]
[General Resolution 4385/2018]
[General Resolution 4386/2018]
[General Resolution 4387/2018]

Additional info on origin declarations for goods subject to AD measures
Argentina recently provided additional information on the sworn declaration of non-preferential origin that is required for certain goods subject to trade remedy measures. For example, goods subject to an antidumping duty measure in the form of a minimum FOB value with a value that exceeds the established minimum value are not required to provide non-preferential origin documentation.
[Resolution 141/2018]

Mercosur list of permissible UV filters in personal hygiene products adopted
Argentina has incorporated into its domestic legal regime Mercosur Common Market Group Resolution No. 44/15 establishing a list of ultraviolet filters allowed in personal hygiene products, cosmetics, and perfumes. This regulation will enter into force 30 days after the Mercosur Secretariat notifies member states that all the required domestic legal procedures have been completed Mercosur-wide.
[Disposition 2384/2018]

AD actions on steel wheels, fans, transformers
– new antidumping duty investigation on Chinese steel wheels of a kind used in buses, trucks, trailers, and semi-trailers
[Resolution 139/2018]
– initiation of proceeding to determine whether imports of fans declared as originating in Vietnam are circumventing the AD duty order on subject goods from China
[Resolution 140/2018]
– initiation of sunset and changed circumstances reviews of AD duty orders on liquid dielectric transformers from Brazil, China, and South Korea
[Resolution 211/2018]


New procedures for auto parts seeking duty exemption
Brazilian authorities have announced new procedures to determine whether there is any domestic production of automotive parts that may qualify for a duty exemption under the special import regime for such products. An exemption will be granted when there is no equivalent domestic production and the auto parts are used in the manufacture of automotive products, including other auto parts. The exemption will be contingent on the allocation of specified funds to carry out research, development, and innovation projects as well as priority programs to support the industrial and technological development of the domestic auto sector.
[CAMEX Resolution 102/2018]

New policy on import and export of defense products
The policy is aimed at controlling trade in these products, promoting Brazilian exports and the development of the domestic industrial defense base, and preventing and eliminating the illicit trafficking of conventional weapons as well as the circumvention of relevant controls. The implementation of this policy, which includes provisions regarding exporters/importers, import operations, and preliminary and administrative procedures for export operations, is under the purview of the ministries of Defense and Foreign Relations.
[Decree 9607/2018]

New procedures for redeterminations in AD proceedings 
Requests for redeterminations (administrative reviews) may be submitted by domestic producers of a similar product in order to ascertain whether an AD measure is still effective.
[SECEX Directive 72/2018]

Requirements for import operations carried out on behalf of third parties amended
This action is intended to ensure a clearer and more coherent regulatory approach for these import modalities by addressing various differences of understanding and interpretation.
[Normative Instruction 1861/2018]

Duty modifications under consideration
Brazil is seeking input by Jan. 18 on several proposed changes to the Mercosur common external tariff, including duty reductions for such products as palm kernel oil, potassium fluoride, industrial grade synthetic styrene butadiene rubber, 1,2-syndiotactic polybutadiene rubber, paper in rolls of the kind used for the support of coated abrasives, tire cord fabric of high tenacity polyester yarn, polyester fabric in rolls of the kind used for the support of coated abrasives, ski boots, skis, drill bits, toughened (tempered) safety glass of a size and shape suitable for incorporation in front-loading washing machines, and type LR14 and type LR20 alkaline batteries.
[SECEX Circular 62/2018]

New strategy for agricultural exports
Developed over the course of the past year, the strategy sets forth a medium- to long-term vision with five strategic foundations, 23 directives, and 69 actions that will guide public action in the international agribusiness trade.
[CAMEX press release]
[CAMEX Resolution 104/2018]

Mercosur approves Brazilian request to lower duties on 49 chemical substances
The decrease to two percent is the result of a consensus between the domestic manufacturing sectors of Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay and is expected to enter into force March 1.
[Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade, and Services]

More time for input on duty reductions for 305 chemical substances 
The deadline to submit public input on a proposal to lower to two percent the Mercosur common external tariff on 305 chemical substances of HS chapters 28 and 29 has been extended from Dec. 21 to Jan. 21. These products currently face an MFN duty ranging from four to 14 percent, with most items subject to a 10 or 12 percent tariff.
[SECEX Circular 64/2018]

Duty on articles of plaster lowered
Brazil has removed articles of plaster or of compositions based on plaster, faced or reinforced with paper or paperboard only, from its list of exceptions from the Mercosur common external tariff. As a result, Brazil’s MFN duty on imports of subject goods has fallen from 25 percent to 10 percent.
[CAMEX Resolution 101/2018]

Duty-free regime for capital and IT goods amended 
Brazilian authorities have modified aspects of the Ex-Tarifario regime that provides duty-free treatment to certain foreign capital goods and information technology and telecommunications goods. The changes concern the filing of Ex-Tarifario requests through electronic means as well as the requirements for granting, renewing, modifying, and rescinding duty exemptions.
[CAMEX Resolution 103/2018]

Committee established to monitor barriers to Brazilian exports
The committee has been tasked with, among other things, adopting guidelines aimed at standardizing, updating, harmonizing, and simplifying the electronic system for monitoring export barriers and developing and executing actions related to the identified barriers.
[Interministerial Directive 56/2018]

Customs cooperation agreement with Czech Republic implemented
The agreement has provisions regarding scope of general assistance, specific types of information, assistance in the application of and compliance with customs legislation, assistance in the determination of import and export tariffs and taxes, execution of requests, experts and witnesses, presence of officials in the customs territory of the other party, use of information, protection of personal information, termination, costs, application, and amendments.
[Decree 9635/2018]

Congress approves Mercosur investment agreement, customs deal with Norway
[Legislative Decree 184/2018]
[Legislative Decree 187/2018]

AD actions on nylon yarn, tires, pens, porcelanate
– initiation of sunset review of AD duty orders on nylon filament yarn classified from China, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand
[SECEX Circular 65/2018]
– initiation of sunset review of AD duty orders on new pneumatic diagonal rubber tires of the kind used in motorcycles from China, Thailand, and Vietnam
[SECEX Circular 63/2018]
– final determination in anti-circumvention probe of AD duty order on Chinese ballpoint pens that import licenses should be issued to imports of subject pens claiming to be produced in India by Win Pens Private Limited
[SECEX Directive 73/2018]
– changes to list of companies included in AD price undertaking for imports of technical porcelanate from China
[CAMEX Resolution 100/2018]


Certificate of approval required for electrical products
Chile is requiring automatic switches for household use, cold and hot water dispensers, certain high-pressure cleaners, and portable air coolers to obtain prior to their commercialization a certificate of approval issued by an authorized certification body.
[Exempt Resolution 39/2018]
[Exempt Resolution 40/2018]

Temporary duty reductions on wheat and wheat flour extended
From Dec. 16, 2018, through Feb. 15, 2019, wheat importers will be able to temporarily deduct US$91.69 per ton from the total duty owed on these goods (calculated using the regular six percent duty rate) while wheat flour importers will be able to deduct US$143.04 per ton.
[Exempt Decree 414/2018]


AD actions on pressure cookers, steel products, tableware/kitchenware
– new AD duty investigation of aluminum pressure cookers from China
[Resolution issued Dec. 20, 2018]
– initiation of final phase of AD investigation of flat-rolled steel products from Italy and Japan with no preliminary measures
[Resolution issued Dec. 19, 2018]
– initiation of sunset review of AD duty order on Chinese ceramic tableware and kitchenware, which currently face a minimum FOB price of US$2.61 per kilogram
[Resolution issued Dec. 20, 2018]


Government names new trade team
Former vice-minister of trade Edgar Manuel Vásquez recently replaced Rogers Valencia as minister of foreign trade and tourism while Sayuri Bayona replaced Vásquez as vice-minister of foreign trade. Vásquez is an economist with more than 15 years of experience in the public sector and more than five years of experience in the private sector. Bayona has an undergraduate degree in economics and a master’s degree in public policy as well as about 10 years of experience in international trade policy.
[Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism]
[Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism]