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Duties on espresso machines, other products lowered
Argentina has incorporated into its domestic legal regime two Mercosur regulations lowering import duties on espresso coffee machines as well as certain mixtures based on odoriferous substances. A maximum of 138 espresso machines meeting certain characteristics will benefit from a reduced two percent duty for the next two years, while up to 1,250 tons of certain mixtures based on odoriferous substances presented in microcapsules will benefit from the same duty treatment for one year.
[AAP. CE Nº 18-162º Additional Protocol]
[AAP. CE Nº 18-163º Additional Protocol]

New criterion values for rubber balloons
Imports with a declared value lower than the criterion value require payment of a guarantee equivalent to the difference in duties to be paid on the declared value and the criterion value.
[General Resolution 4330/2018]

AD duty orders on bearings and coated paper renewed
Argentina has renewed for five years its antidumping duty orders on (1) bearings classified under NCM 8482.10.10 and (2) certain coated paper classified under NCM 4810.13.89, 4810.13.90, 4810.19.89, and 4810.19.90 from Austria, China, Finland, and the U.S.
[Resolution 107/2018]
[Resolution 108/2018]


New mandatory requirements for imported motor vehicles implemented
Brazil has issued regulations implementing the mandatory requirements for the importation and sale of new motor vehicles issued last July. Domestic producers and importers will be required to (1) comply with the energy efficiency and safety labeling programs developed by the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade, and Services and established by the National Institute of Technology, Normalization, and Industrial Quality and the National Traffic Department; (2) achieve certain minimum energy efficiency levels; and (3) achieve certain levels of structural performance and assistive technologies. These requirements will be gradually phased in beginning Dec. 1.
[Decree 9557/2018]

First regulatory convergence deal with U.S. will facilitate trade in tiles
The first of its kind between these two countries, this agreement is expected to lead to greater sectoral integration, lower operational costs, and shorter timeframes to export tiles.
[Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade, and Services]

Duties lowered on additional products
Brazilian authorities have announced the addition of 197 items to a list of foreign capital goods and information technology and telecommunications goods that benefit from duty-free treatment under the Ex-Tarifario regime, down from 14 or 16 percent, through June 30, 2020. In addition, 156 items have been added to the list of automotive parts that benefit from a reduced two percent duty, down from 8, 12, 14, 16, or 18 percent. Further, one item has been excluded from that list and the description of another item has been amended.
[CAMEX Resolution 84]
[CAMEX Resolution 85]
[CAMEX Resolution 86]

AEO facility for agricultural products established
Intended to complement the regular AEO program (known as OEA-Integrado), the new OEA-Agro facility is aimed at facilitating international trade in products of agricultural interest; simplifying and guaranteeing predictability, safety, responsiveness, and transparency in trade-related processes; optimizing the use of MAPA’s human and financial resources in the inspection and certification of goods of agricultural interest in international trade; and developing joint trade facilitation actions with other federal agencies in Brazil.
[Normative Instruction 45/2018]

AD/CV actions on grinding bodies, padlocks, steel pipe, ethanolamines, pens 
– initiation of process to determine whether imposition of a countervailing duty order on grinding bodies for milling applications of cast iron or chromium-bonded steel from India is in the public interest
[CAMEX Resolution 83/2018]
– initiation of sunset review of AD duty order on Chinese padlocks (imports currently face a dumping margin of US$3.56 per unit)
[SECEX Circular 53/2018]
– initiation of sunset review of AD duty order on Chinese seamless carbon steel line pipe used for oil and gas pipelines (imports currently face dumping margins of US$778.99 or US$835.47 per ton)
[SECEX Circular 51/2018]
– initiation of sunset review of AD duty order on ethanolamines – monoethanolamines and triethanolamines from Germany and the U.S. (imports currently face dumping margins ranging from 7.4 percent to 59.3 percent)
[SECEX Circular 50/2018]
– final determination in anticircumvention probe of AD duty order on ballpoint pens from China that import licenses should not be issued to imports of subject pens claimed to be produced in India by Accuwrite Stationery Products
[SECEX Directive 59/2018]


Chamber of Deputies ratifies trade deal with Argentina
The agreement includes new disciplines in such areas as investment, services, government procurement, telecommunications, electronic commerce, competition policy, environmental and labor issues, gender issues, and small and medium-sized enterprises. It also seeks to improve existing provisions regarding technical standards, customs procedures, and sanitary and phytosanitary measures.

Chile to cooperate with China on Belt and Road Initiative
The BRI is an economic framework developed to increase connectivity between China and partner countries, based on the ancient Silk Road land and maritime routes. Chilean Foreign Affairs Minister Roberto Ampuero indicated that this framework agreement will help attract foreign investment in a range of areas, especially infrastructure, while strengthening Chile’s position as an entry point for investment in Latin America.


Trade facilitation working group proposes additional actions
A high-level working group on trade facilitation has identified 27 concrete actions that should be taken to reduce costs and expedite the clearance of goods shipped by air. Many of these actions seek to address growing cargo inspections, delays in the issuance of inspection certificates for agricultural products, manual procedures, and the need to provide documents in Spanish for cargo where inconsistencies are found. To date, this working group has identified 63 bottlenecks and 83 actions to facilitate international trade at Colombia’s ports.
[Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Tourism]

AD actions on potatoes, decorative laminates
– new AD duty order on prepared or preserved frozen potatoes (except those preserved in vinegar or acetic acid) from Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands, with dumping duties ranging from 3.21 percent to 44.52 percent
[Resolution 257/2018]
– initiation of sunset review of AD duty order on high-pressure decorative laminates from India
[Resolution 255/2018]


Quota amount for sugar exports to U.S. announced
As of September 2018 there was a maximum quota of 750,876.851 metric tons available for sugar exports to the U.S. during the period Oct. 1, 2018, through Sept. 30, 2019.
[Notice issued Nov. 12]


CV duty order on U.S. ethanol
Peru has issued a CV duty order on ethanol in the form of denatured ethyl alcohol or undenatured anhydrous ethyl alcohol with a maximum 0.5 percent moisture content from the U.S. Imports will face subsidy rates of US$47.86 per ton (Murex LLC) or US$47.94 per ton (all other producers and exporters) for the next five years.
[Resolution Nº 152-2018/CDB-INDECOPI]