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Trade MEPs urge removal of EU export restrictions on encryption 
The European Parliament’s Trade Committee approved by a large majority an export reform bill that would ask the European Commission to propose new legislation in five to seven years that would remove items containing cryptography from the list of dual-use products that need special approval before companies can sell them outside the EU. The bill would also extend restrictions to technology products used for surveillance for the first time and prevent firms from selling products abroad if they can damage human rights.

EU looking to conclude FTA with Japan by end of 2017
Both sides agreed on the broad brushstrokes of a deal in July but details like investment protection and public procurement remain on the negotiating table.

Beef battle could delay EU-Mercosur trade deal
Mercosur officials say beef represents about half the export gains they see from any deal but the EU has gradually reduced the proposed amount of beef it would accept, from 100,000 tonnes per year in 2004 to 70,000 tonnes in 2017. The Mercosur countries are waiting for the EU to improve on its latest offer but France, Ireland, and a number of other beef-producing countries have said that offer is already too high.

UK publishes “no-deal” post-Brexit customs legislation
[UK Parliament]

Middle East

Turkey looks to sign expanded trade agreement with EFTA in January
The two sides are planning to add transportation, e-commerce, services, and industrial products to the scope of the FTA they have had in place since 1991.
[Anadolu Agency]

Saudi Arabia to impose five percent VAT on gasoline from 1 January 


Egypt approves customs cooperation agreement with Uruguay
The accord stipulates that the two sides are to cooperate and consult on the implementation of custom laws, facilitate trade, and combat customs breaches.
[Egypt Today]

Nigeria implements 70 percent of ECOWAS common external tariff 
[Premium Times]

Morocco launches technical talks on FTA with Mercosur
[North Africa Post]

Ethiopia signs trade and investment deals with Qatar
[The Ethiopian Herald]