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Brexit deal 95 percent done, May says 
“However, the Irish border remains an issue and what she called a ‘considerable sticking point.’ May said she is prepared to ‘explore every possible option’ to break the deadlock in Brexit talks.”

Increase in imports from Turkey worries European steelmakers
“In the third quarter 2018, Eurofer said steel consumption had risen by just 0.6 percent, but imports increased by 10 percent, meaning EU mills were at best only able to deliver the same amount of steel as last year. Imports now make up some 25 percent of the EU market. Imports from Turkey and Russia increased by most – from Turkey by 57 percent in the first nine months and from Russia by 56 percent.”
[Hurriyet Daily News]

One-third of chemicals made or imported into Europe since 2010 violate REACH

Middle East

Riyadh airport to have integrated logistics zone
“The objective is to attract quality investments; carry out sorting, maintenance, repair, treatment, modification, development, assembling, storing, packing, repacking, wrapping, trading, distribution, using and importing of these goods, exporting or re-exporting them, and garbage and electronic waste recycling.”
[Saudi Gazette]

EU mechanism to facilitate payments for Iran exports to be ready 4 November
The special-purpose vehicle, “which could incorporate a barter system, aims to sidestep the U.S. financial system by using an EU intermediary to handle trade with Iran. It could ensure, for example, that Iranian oil bought by Europeans could be paid for with EU goods and services of the same value.”


Sudan lifts partial ban on Egyptian imports
“In March 2017 Sudan banned the import of all Egyptian agricultural goods amid a range of disputes, including over land and accusations of political meddling.”