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EU countermeasures against U.S. steel tariffs are ready
“The retaliation would likely hit products from politically sensitive Republican-run states such as Harley-Davidson motorbikes from Wisconsin, orange juice from Florida and whiskey from Kentucky, home state of the Senate majority leader.”

Alcohol industry’s labelling proposal prioritises flexibility
“The general principle is that individual producers will be able to decide what information they provide on the label and online. Others, including the high number of SMEs and micro-enterprises that produce alcoholic beverages, are likely to use on-line means only for now.”

Brexit to decide future of Japanese car industry in UK
“Japanese car manufacturers with most of their production sites in the UK will lose access to the single market following Brexit, and are consequently threatening to leave.”

EU and Chile working to modernise association agreement
“The current agreement does not address some important trade and investment issues, such as specific provisions on investment, non-tariff barriers, intellectual property rights and some geographical indications and contributions to sustainable development. By correcting these shortcomings, the new agreement should strengthen the existing cooperation, lower consumer prices, improve market access and increase growth and employment.”

Middle East

Iran moves closer to ditching dollar in trade activities
“Iran announced that purchase orders by merchants that are based on the dollar would no longer be allowed to go through import proceedings.”
[Tasnim News Agency]

Algeria calls on Turkey to invest in producing goods banned from import into the country
“Algeria has banned 850 goods from entering the country in an attempt to control imports, maintain foreign exchange, and adjust foreign trade balances. … Weeks ago, Algerian Trade Minister Mohamed Ben Mouradi said that the banning procedures on 850 import products would last for two or three years, and then would be replaced with a tariff system.”
[Middle East Monitor]


Imports to Africa to cost less under new Continental Free Trade Area agreement
[The East African]

US$300mn to help Africa’s agri-exporters access new markets
[Global Trade Review]