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Europe rules out quotas as solution for Trump trade dispute
“‘The EU is ready to talk about trade liberalization with our American friends but only if the US decides an unlimited exemption from steel and aluminium tariffs,’ European Council President Donald Tusk told reporters after the conclusion of the Sofia summit on Thursday.”

UK customs proposal is really Brexit delayed further
“To bridge the gap between March 29, 2019 — when Britain formally leaves the EU — and mid-2022, when officials think the new technical border solutions will be ready, Theresa May and David Davis hope to negotiate a ‘time-limited goods arrangement’ with Brussels. The bridge is needed because the currently agreed transition period, which runs to December 2020, probably isn’t long enough.”

EU to block Trump’s Iran sanctions by activating old law
“The blocking statute would forbid EU companies, under threat of punishment, to cancel business ties with Iran because of the U.S. sanctions. To do that, the EU will need to update the law to include Donald Trump’s sanctions, a process that could take up to two months, depending on how fast the European Parliament and Council vote on the update. EU countries need to approve the text by a qualified majority, meaning skeptics like Germany alone would not be able to veto the law.”

EU-Azeri trade pact will be ready in 2019
“The new EU-Azerbaijan bilateral agreement is supposed to cover all political, economic, social and cultural sides to our relations, including trade and investment, human rights and rule of law, education, environment and other sectoral cooperation, including in energy and transport,” said Javanshir Feyziyev, co-chair of the EU-Azerbaijan Parliamentary Cooperation Committee.

Middle East

Turkey, Venezuela ink trade agreement over phone
“‘By expanding its scope, we aim for this agreement to be turned into a free trade agreement as soon as possible,’” said Turkey President Tayyip Erdogan.
[Anadolu Agency]