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EU may expand market access for U.S. beef
“Brussels is preparing to allow U.S. President Donald Trump to sell more tariff-free American beef in Europe in a gesture that could act as a potential olive branch to avoid a full-blown trade war. French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are visiting Washington this week in a last frantic attempt to dissuade Trump from imposing duties on Europe’s steel and aluminium producers on May 1.”

EU and Mexico strike agreement to expand FTA
“Some of the measures included in the new agreement relate to digital trade, such as lifting customs duties when downloading apps and implementing rules to protect online consumers. Trade in services, including financial services and e-commerce, is also set to be boosted under the new arrangement. Other measures focus on sustainability and transparency: the deal is the first EU trade agreement to include measures to fight corruption in the public and private sectors, including bribery and money laundering. One chapter sets higher standards of labour, safety, environmental and consumer protection, and a commitment to strengthen adherence to the Paris Agreement on climate change is also included.”
[Global Trade Review]

English court rules in favour of Chinese steel trader in documentary fraud dispute
“The ruling, which will see Sinocore awarded US$4.9mn in damages, upholds an earlier judgement by the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC), in a rare case of reciprocity between the courts in London and China.”
[Global Trade Review]

Middle East

Iran likely to exit JCPOA if U.S. does
[Tasnim News Agency]