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France looks to reduce ability of U.S. to block arms exports
“U.S. export control laws can be used to limit European weapons sales if even small components come from U.S. suppliers. That legislation was in place prior to Donald Trump’s presidency, but the industry has grown increasingly worried that his administration is acting to halt exports that might have been permitted in the past.”

EU proposes specific amount for U.S. under hormone-free beef quota
“Given its rejection of US’s use of hormones in beef production, Europe accepted in 2009 to open European markets to US hormone-free beef. But the quota was also open to other qualified suppliers. The US complained that its non-hormone beef exports were squeezed by other countries, especially Argentina, Uruguay, Australia and to a lesser extent Canada and New Zealand.”

EU ban on halogen bulbs effective Sept. 1
[EU Observer]

EU ends AD measures on Chinese solar panels 
[EU Observer]

Middle East

Arab League, Islamic Trade Finance Corporation to cooperate on intra-Arab trade
[The Eagle Online]


Africa prepares to drive hard trade bargain with EU
“Slow to be negotiated, in large part because many African regional blocs felt the European Commission was pushing them to open up access to their markets to European firms, only one EPA has been successfully ratified, with the six-member Southern African Development Community.”