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May warns she is prepared to walk away from Brexit talks
“May’s warning came after Tusk and the EU27’s most powerful leaders, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron, forcefully rejected the central component of May’s plan for a post-Brexit relationship at a trio of news conferences. They reiterated that the EU would not agree to May’s plan for a free-trade area for goods but not services, which they said would divide the EU’s single market and grant the U.K. preferential benefits over EU members.”

U.S., EU seek limited trade deal
“It is increasingly clear that severe differences over cars and farming mean a mega deal will have to wait. Instead, any near-term deal will focus on regulatory cooperation on topics such as car blinkers, cosmetics, insurance and driverless vehicles. Still, even that mini-deal is attractive. Trump wants a success story for the impending elections, while Brussels wants to create goodwill that will stop Washington following through on threats to impose higher tariffs on the European car industry.”

EU proposes to sanction countries breaching WTO rules
“As a first step, the Commission wants to improve the notification system inside the institution and to single out uncooperative members. In the case of ‘wilful and repeated non-compliance’ to report about trade policies or the implementation of WTO agreements, the EU executive wants to sanction the countries exposed. It would represent the first step toward punishing countries breaching multilateral trade rules.”

U.S. boots Brazil as top EU supplier of soybeans
“In the 12 weeks to mid-September, U.S. soybeans accounted for 52 percent of imports to the EU, rising 133 percent compared with the same period last year to 1.47 million tonnes. The United States had just 25 percent of the market in the same period of 2017.”

Middle East

Saudi Customs to deny passage of transit shipments not enclosed within containers
“The newly announced regulation that previously targeted only tobacco and tobacco related products, will be applied to all transit shipments, except the ones that cannot be enclosed within containers due to their large size or length, including heavy equipment, iron pipes, or similar goods.”


Suez Canal revenues rise to $3.8bn
“On 6 August 2015, Egypt dug a new international extension to the Suez Canal, anticipating that the move ‘would uplift the canal’s revenues to $13.2 billion by 2023.’ Following the project’s completion, the Egyptian government has provided discounts and grants for major shipping lines as well as flexible policies to maintain trade flow rates and a slight growth in revenues.”
[Middle East Monitor]

New pipeline to carry natural gas from Cyprus to Egypt for export
[Times of Israel]