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European Parliament ratifies EU-Japan trade deal
“Japan is the second largest market for EU companies in Asia. European firms already export over €58 billion in goods and €28 billion in services to Japan every year. The deal will further strengthen economic relations between the two blocs, removing over €1 billion worth of duties per year paid by EU companies.”

ArcelorMittal urges extended, reformed EU caps on steel imports
“The European Union imposed provisional safeguards in July combining quotas and tariffs to counter steel flooding into the market after U.S. President Donald Trump hit U.S. steel imports with 25 percent tariffs. The provisional measures are in place for 200 days, meaning they would expire in early February, unless they are replaced by a longer-term system.”

Middle East

Turkey plans to open 35 more trade centres worldwide
“This September Turkey inaugurated a trade centre in London focused on ceramics and marble, Pekcan said. She added that the current trade centre in Moscow will be reworked to better showcase Turkey’s fresh fruits and vegetables, which returned to Russian markets earlier this year.”
[The Frontier Post]
Pakistan exempts tax, duty on phones used or activated before 1 December
“The Pakistan government said these steps have been taken to curtail illegal imports of handsets and safeguard the national economy. Islamabad had earlier announced that illegally imported mobile phones can be registered and regularised with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority until December 31 without paying penalty charges.”
[Khaleej Times]


Tanzania moves to ease doing business for Rwandan traders
“Other issues raised include delays in cargo inspection, security, corruption, visas and work permit issues in Tanzania and difficulty in following up on the movement of their goods while at the port as well as delays of caution fees.”
[The New Times]