The Duty Drawback Process

Duty drawback is a refund on import duties, fees, and taxes that you may be able to claim when you export. The process of claiming those duties can be complicated but the good news is – you don’t have to do it yourself. Learn about the duty drawback process with STTAS and how our experts can help you get the refunds you deserve. 


The Life Cycle Of A Claim

Import and export data is extracted and entered into STTAS’ proprietary software in which a risk assessment and initial validation is performed.

After validation, the optimal drawback type and ideal method is analyzed to maximize drawback recovery.

Once the claim analysis is complete, STTAS’ system creates, executes, verifies and finalizes the claim. Each claim undergoes two levels of quality review before filing.



Once filed, STTAS monitors progress and responds to CBP inquiries.

STTAS follows up with CBP to ensure timely accelerated payment   and liquidation of drawback claims.

Our Key Strengths


Regular updates provide visibility to the status of applications and rulings, the status of drawback claims and drawback maximization efforts.



STTAS is committed to limit dependency on the client, brokers and forwarders through out the client journey. Building comprehensive data feeds and smooth access to document imaging is a top priority during implementation. This allows automation through out the drawback program and limits the need for client interaction.

Accurate Projections

STTAS’s industry-leading dashboards and processes allow for accurate and timely projections – allowing our clients to know what to expect and when to expect it.



Get started with the process of claiming refunds


Take our quick questionnaire to find out whether your company may have a high potential for claiming drawback refunds.

Two-minute duty drawback questionnaire


If you’re ready to take the next step, our full duty drawback assessment is online for you to enter your details and upload example documents. It takes a bit of time to complete, but once its fully filled out, we can begin setting up your claims soon after.

Full duty drawback assessment


If you still have questions, check out our regularly updated Drawback Frequently Asked Questions section.

Duty drawback FAQs