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Optimize sourcing to increase duty savings

Optimize sourcing to increase duty savings


A client with a large multinational supply chain asked STTAS for help taking advantage of free trade agreements (FTAs) and other preference systems.

What we did

We helped the client to optimize sourcing of materials based on the goods’ final destinations. For example, we recommended the use of different materials sourced from different countries for a shirt destined for Mexico versus a shirt destined for the U.S. Working with the client, we built a comprehensive strategy that took advantage of FTAs and trade programs covering 15 manufacturing countries, 8 source countries, and 30+ destination countries.


The client was able to reduce or eliminate duty on a large number of its products.

How can STTAS help you

STTAS can evaluate your trade value chain and determine whether you have opportunities to legally reduce your duty spend by changing sourcing, materials, or footprint.