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At STTAS, we focus exclusively on providing global trade compliance management and import-export consulting services to clients around the world. Our 950 trade professionals working from strategic offices throughout Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America and South America help our clients comply with the ever-changing and complex rules, regulations and laws covering international trade.

Our services can be tailored to each company’s needs and budget. From solving a single import-export related issue in-country to full-service contract Global Trade Compliance Management, STTAS can advise your company on compliance best practices, guide your global business processes, and provide hands-on business operations support by designing and executing a solid compliance program. 


Global Trade Compliance Management

Reduce the risks of international trade compliance while benefiting from shorter cycle times, lower duties and taxes, and lower corporate costs. 

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Worldwide Consulting & Managed Services

Our Business Process Support professionals can address your global, regional, or in-country import-export issues as well as manage your large-scale compliance projects.

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Global Compliance Reviews & Training

Stay in sync with the best compliance practices of your industry with our world-class training and import, export and supply chain security reviews.

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