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Latin America Trade Bulletin: Customs Changes, Importer Fined, Cross-Border Trucking



Customs Changes Could Speed Trade, Aid Criminal Prosecution
A customs reform regulation published in early 2015 and due to be implemented shortly will divide the Buenos Aires Customs office into northern and southern sections. The implementation of this regulation is expected to have a positive effect on the decentralization of container operations by increasing the presence of Argentinian customs at container terminals, digitizing extraordinary services and requiring all terminals to have their own scanner. The regulation is also expect to aid in investigations of possible customs crimes and infractions.
Disposición 13/2015
La Nación – Comercio Exterior 04/14/15

Argentina Expands Guarantees Allowed from Cross-Border Trucking Companies
Argentina has incorporated into its domestic legal regime a resolution that essentially allows authorized trucking companies that transport goods internationally under the Partial Agreement on International Land Transport to present a guarantee other than the vehicle itself. This guarantee must be determined in a way that ensures payment of all applicable duties and taxes as well as any eventual penalties.
General Resolution 3755/2015

Argentina Allocates TRQs for Food Exports to Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela
Argentina has allocated the tariff-rate quotas that allow preserved peaches to be exported duty-free to Mexico and certain dairy products to be exported at a reduced duty rate to Colombia and Venezuela. The TRQ amounts for 2015 are 10,000 metric tons of peaches to Mexico (8.53 million metric tons have been allocated at this time), 2,076 metric tons of dairy products to Colombia, and 7,973 metric tons of dairy products to Venezuela.
Resolution 66/2015
Resolution 70/2015
Resolution 71/2015

AD Duty Order on Footwear Under Review
Argentina’s Ministry of Economy and Public Finance has initiated sunset and changed circumstances reviews of the antidumping duty order on certain footwear. The sunset review will result in either the revocation or continuation of the order.
Resolution 136/2015


Chile and Canada to Modify FTA
Changes announced recently include the incorporation of a chapter on sanitary and phytosanitary measures and the modification of an article in the chapter on government procurement. The two sides also agreed on a second batch of changes to the FTA’s rules of origin. Two-way trade has quadrupled under the FTA, with Chilean exports to Canada reaching $1.23 billion and Canadian exports to Chile totaling $1.27 billion.
Marco Trade News

Importers Get Additional Year to Comply with New Dishwasher and Clothes Dryer Standards
Chile has extended from March 31, 2015, to March 31, 2016, the deadline for domestically-produced and imported dishwashers and clothes dryers to comply with the new energy efficiency test protocols for these products. As a result, importers, sellers and domestic producers of these items must have their energy efficiency conformity certificates issued in accordance with the new protocols no later than March 31, 2016.
Exempt Resolution 7545/2015

Chile Recognizes U.S. System for Preventing Mad Cow Disease
Chile issued April 8 a resolution recognizing the system adopted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to prevent and control bovine spongiform encephalopathy, commonly known as mad cow disease, for purposes of bilateral trade in cattle and beef products and byproducts.
Exempt Resolution 2348/2015

New Sanitary Requirements for Pigs Imported for Breeding
Chile’s Ministry of Agriculture has implemented new sanitary requirements for pigs imported into Chile for breeding purposes. Among other requirements, the country or region of provenance must be free of various animal diseases and the pigs must be accompanied by an official sanitary certificate.
Exempt Resolution 2344/2015


Customs Fines Importer for Undervaluation Practices
Colombia’s National Tax and Customs Directorate (DIAN) recently assessed a monetary penalty of three billion pesos (approximately $1.2 million) on an importer of textiles, apparel and other products for allegedly engaging in undervaluation practices. The company ostensibly declared values for certain imported goods that were significantly lower than those in DIAN’s price database.
National Tax and Customs Directorate

AD Actions on Triangular Files, Ceramic Tiles
Colombia’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism has decided to continue its antidumping investigation of six-inch triangular files from India without the imposition of any preliminary measures.
Resolution 051/2015

The ministry has also extended until April 20 the deadline for submitting questionnaire responses in its AD investigation of ceramic tiles and paving from China.
Resolution 052/2015


Third Round of FTA Talks with Turkey Slated for May
Peru and Turkey are expected to hold a third round of negotiations on a bilateral free trade agreement during the first week of May. Areas to be addressed during this round include investment, customs, trade facilitation, market access for goods and services, intellectual property, trade remedies, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, technical barriers to trade, rules of origin, competition, and legal and institutional matters.
Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism


Mercosur Trade Liberalization Commitments with Brazil Implemented
Venezuela has formally announced that a bilateral economic complementation agreement with Brazil entered into force effective Oct. 14, 2014. Known as ACE 69, this agreement sets forth the trade liberalization commitments agreed by these two countries as part of Venezuela’s accession to Mercosur.
Resolution DM No 035/2015

New Safeguard Investigation of Orange Juice
Venezuela’s trade ministry has initiated a safeguard investigation of frozen orange juice from Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, among other countries.
Resolution DM/No 0012-15